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Historic Restoration / Preservation

Owners of Historically significant buildings can benefit when following approved restoration and preservation procedures. Some of these benefits include tax credits at both the State and Federal level. Additionally, buildings that have historical quality are usually the first to become occupied according to many real-estate experts. Most importantly, the use of proper cleaning products, masonry mortars and waterproofing sealants will prevent further deterioration of the building's facade.

Mark 1's knowledge and expertise in historic restoration and preservation is also an important benefit to you. We have completed large complex jobs such as the Port Huron Federal Court House Sand Stone Facade Restoration, to smaller but important projects such as the McFadden-Ross House, (one of the oldest masonry structures in Michigan-1839).

Specific services include:
  • Project management
  • General construction
  • Consulting

  • Restoration:
  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick & stone replacement
  • Cosmetic patching of stone
         by expert skilled craftsmen
  • Terra cotta restoration
  • Concrete repairs

  • Exterior cleaning:
  • Non aggressive techniques
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Steam cleaning

  • Sealing:
  • Expansion Joints
  • Glazing
  • All exterior caulking
  • Masonry coatings

  • The Federal Courthouse in Port Huron, MI The Federal Courthouse in Port Huron, MI, was built in the early 1870's. The sandstone facade had become badly blistered and delaminated.
    Mark 1 installed over 500 stone patches using custom blended mortar. The intricate Egg and Dart detail had also eroded. The worst stone was replaced with new hand carved details. The remaining stone was consolidated. The dome was resealed due to leaking and the entire building was cleaned using non-aggressive techniques.

    City of Niles Main Street Facade Restoration

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