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Repair Details

Rusting steel can grow in size at least 2.5 times its original area. Tremendous jacking pressure is placed on the surrounding masonry/concrete by the corroding metal. The pressure causes fractures, which leads to spalling. Fractures allow additional water into the structure which accelerates the corrosion process. Worst, is the fall hazards and weaken state of the structural members caused by spalling.

Mark 1 knows and understands the dynamics of corrosion on lintels, shelf angles and fasteners. Our company has the expertise to safely  remove the affected steel, masonry or concrete, replace the steel with corrosion resistant material, and restore the masonry/concrete to its original condition.

Specific services include:

Emergency response:
  • Emergency fall hazard
  • Temporary stabilization
  • Building hazard inspections

  • Safety procedures:
  • Pedestrian walkway
  • OSHA approved equipment
  • OSHA required safety

  • Improved Repair Details:
  • Anti corrosion materials
  • Stainless steel members
         & fasteners
  • Brick, stone, concrete,
         terra-cotta restoration
  • Waterproofing, flashing,
         sealants & specialty details

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